August 17, 2023


 The Yearling Restaurant

On Saturday, August 12, 2023, seventeen brave souls made the cross-land trek in mid-afternoon to Cross Creek and The Yearling Restaurant.  It was not as dramatic as it might sound -- the hurdle was the oppressing heat.  The thermometer in my air-conditioned car said it was 101 degrees outside.  Now that is HOT!

But once inside The Yearling, you can see that it is a very unique place!  Not only is it a restaurant, but it houses Florida wildlife exhibits and a book store.  And if you would like to stay overnight, they have 7 restored cabins on the banks of Cross Creek to enjoy its natural beauty.  You can launch your kayak or canoe from there, or launch larger vessels at nearby Majorie Kinnan Rawlings State Park.  (I am told that the fishing is great.)  As I said…. much more than just a restaurant!

The Yearling was established in 1952 and has since become a famous Florida Landmark.  It was named after the 1939 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel written by Florida author Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings.  Their menu is all about “Southern Cuisine, specializing in the food rural Floridians have hunted, fished and prepared for generations.”  As you can imagine, the menu was extensive and choosing your meal difficult!  But in the end, we all “bellied up” for long-table dining and lots of good eats! 

Also, a few surprises on Saturday:

…. We celebrated Carole Carter’s birthday on her “real” birthday.  Think about it – she & Jim chose to join us over all the other celebration opportunities available in the southeast!  This reflects a real dedication to OSC events…..   

…. We met John Murphy’s fiancé for the first time – Welcome Sarah!  She is an avid horseback rider and shared some of her horse experiences with Maylynn.

…. Sandra Harton brought her friend from Kentucky – Welcome Jenni!  Let us know when you are back for a visit, and we will get together.

It was a great gathering and wish that more OSC members could have participated in this event.  As usual, many had already traveled up north to avoid Florida’s hot summer months.  We hope to be in cooler temperatures soon and back on our regular monthly schedule of Potluck Dinner Meetings, Buccaneer dining, and of course... LOTS of sailing!

Ed Sims

August 17, 2023